Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Students

Texas has been the center for a national disaster that has brought in 20 trillion gallons of rainfall which is enough to supply New York City’s water supply needs for over five decades. The storm made landfall over three times.

Many students have family connections to Texas that have impacted their lives. Junior Kyrsten Carters’ dad lives in Eastern Texas that wasn’t as drastically impacted as Houston and the other areas.

“My dad owns his own company down there and business for him is very slow right now,” Carter said. “Once the hurricane relief begins it should skyrocket because it is a flooring company.”

North Carolina is approximately 18 hours away, therefor taking a quick drive there isn’t the easiest thing to do if you want to help. It can be difficult when people want to help their families, but can’t reach them.

“There are so many problems and it sucks because I’m almost 1300 miles away,” Carter said. “I would love to be able to do more for everyone.”

Hundreds if not thousands of fundraisers are going on because of Hurricane Harvey, one not so far away from the school. At BBQ Brothers, Junior Brianna Slaughter and her family held a fundraiser to collect donations of any amount which would get you a free plate of food. They also took in clothes, non-perishables and water for the people of Texas trying to find relief

“We should be setting up drop-offs and doing anything else we can to help these people,” Slaughter said. “I feel hurt and sad, it destroyed the whole house with only four feet of the house left that didn’t have water on it.”

Around 30,000-40,000 homes are totally destroyed in Texas and the number of casualties is 63 currently and rising. There are 22 people still missing as of right now.

“There was no transportation other than boat once the waters rose over the street and if you didn’t have that or a two or three story house, you were swimming till a civilian or rescue worker spotted and saved you,” Slaughter said.