Ice Cream Around Eastern North Carolina

The sun’s rays beat down on Earth, creating a stifling heat that lets everyone know, summer has officially arrived. With the beginning of summer, comes a need to cool down, and the best way to do that is to grab a fresh scoop of ice cream.

I decided at the start of summer, that I was going to go to local ice cream places around eastern North Carolina, something that was incredibly unhealthy, but also a lot of fun. Considering that the farthest place I had gone to get ice cream was 10 minutes away, I wanted to go somewhere enticing, new and delicious.

Kilwins // 16 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401

I didn’t have to go far to find amazing ice cream, the farthest being two hours away at a place that was already renown for their tasty treat. Along with a long line of ice cream bins lining the back and the smell of homemade waffle cones wafting throughout, the store contains a large variety of chocolate covered delicacies. Although their ice cream and waffle cones are the most famous, their truffles are amazingly decadent.

Amorino Gelato

Amorino Gelato // 137 E Davie St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Although this place doesn’t technically sell ice cream, it does sell ice cream’s italian friend, gelato. Nestled on a street in Raleigh, this unique shop invites you in with a promise of an instagram worthy shot of your ice cream. Once the size and gelato flavors are chosen, the employees work their magic in creating an ordinary scoop into a beautiful rose. They can even nestle a gelato filled macaroon into the center of the flower for added flourish.


Porter’s // 3525 NC-42, Willow Spring, NC 27592

On a more local scale, this place is a family owned farm with homemade ice cream sold on the side. They don’t have the most extensive list of flavors, but the taste of the ice cream itself makes up for it. My favorite part of Porter’s was the outside seating area. A pergola covered with vines on all four posts stands over a few picnic tables, where on a sunny day, provides a little relief from the rays. There are wooden swings made to fit three people swinging gently a few feet away and the structure of a train stands off to the side for kids to play at while parents relax with a treat.

Smith’s // 443 Sanders Rd, Benson, NC, 27504 //    Maple View // 6900 Rocky Ridge, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

These two places, although separate businesses, sell the same ice cream. Maple View gets the milk to make their ice cream from their own cows, which always makes the treat fresh and delicious, even if it’s being transported to another place. While Maple View is located in Chapel Hill, Smith’s lives in Benson close to the high school. Although far from each other, their atmosphere is the same, each one overlooking a gorgeous field that is best enjoyed while holding onto an ice cream cone.

Sugarland // 140 E Franklin St, Chapell Hill, NC 27514

This cool shop is a staple dessert stop for students on University of North Carolina’s campus. Like Amorino, they sell gelato, along with cupcakes, cake slices, coffee and even milkshake margaritas. It’s bright and happy and along each wall shows their impressive talent to decorate cakes. Greeting at the front door is a beautiful tile layout presenting the name of the shop on a giant cake. Although it may seem that their specialty is cakes of all shapes and sizes, every time I visit I grab a cup of gelato, my favorite being the mexican chocolate.

Sunni Skies // 8617 NC-55, Angier, NC 27501

Another local favorite, Sunni Skies is visited by many high school students, especially busy on the weekends. Their large variety of flavors changes constantly, so if a favorite isn’t there one day, try again some other time. Once grabbing a scoop, most go outside to the many picnic tables spread over the grass, so furiously licking drips is a must on a hot day.

Mama Bird’s

Mama Bird’s // 304 N Main St, Holly Springs, NC 27540

Hidden off on the side of the road and nestled between two other businesses, there is a hidden gem. Mama Bird’s, that has a worn out look on the outside, is bright and beautiful on the inside. This, by far, is the best ice cream shop I have ever been too and the reason is because they had a flavor I have never seen anywhere else. I got a heaping scoop of chocolate orange ice cream, in other words, heaven on a cone. Ice cream on a cone isn’t the only thing they offer though, you can also get a scoop of an ice cream flavor of your choice smooshed between two cookies of your choice, both of those things being mixed and baked right in the back room.



Of course, I couldn’t go to every ice cream shop in North Carolina, but the ones I did go to are still a fun option if grocery store ice cream gets too boring.