Is College Worth It?

The countless college brochures mailed in during senior year sure do seem appealing. The luminescent pictures of college graduates are enough to entice almost any prospective  college student. Before diving head first into applications and scholarships opportunities, one must assess the value of college. After so much time and money invested, is college really worth it?

Although college is the be-all end-all for countless high school students, this source of prosperity may be more questionable than was previously thought. According to a poll completed by the Associated Press, more than half of recent college graduates in America are either unemployed or working at a job that doesn’t require a degree. That doesn’t sound very prosperous to me.

College has the potential to provide students with enough knowledge and credentials to earn a living. Unfortunately, this is often happens. If students can afford to attend a university for four years, the degree they choose may not even be enough to support themselves. The list of useless Bachelor’s degrees is often written in plain ink, yet many eager students choose a fruitless career nonetheless. Luckless situations such as these can leave former students with thousands of dollars of debt and no solid career to pay it off. Those attending college should carefully assess their fiscal plan for the future. Otherwise, debt is right around the corner.

Those without college degrees may end up making just as much or more than those with degrees. There are an abundance of well-paying jobs that need little to no formal education. The right kind of skilled labor is in high demand, and those willing to pursue that job market will be rewarded bountifully. Although the job of an air traffic controller isn’t necessarily exciting, it pays handsomely, up to $159,000 (according to Directing planes isn’t the only way to go though. Website developers, real estate brokers and even plumbers all make a decent salary. Becoming rich doesn’t always require a formal degree.

Granted, college can be advantageous in certain circumstances. However, it is necessary that one takes a step back before attending. If you choose to attend college, be wary of it’s possible pitfalls. Most importantly, have a game plan .