Attention- JROTC’s A-Team is at the mercy of the colonel. “As soon as you hear the word attention you better be in line and stay as still as you can,” Jerry Sprool said. These members have to know what to do at all times or they’ll get a long lecture and a load of hard work. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Tie it up- This group needs to stay at the same pace as they tie the rope bridge across the poles. “You have to be slick and smooth or you will hold up the whole team,” David Meyrick said. The team practices to get better every time. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Pull yourself up- This Junior ROTC group lines up to get some exercise on the pull up bar. “It’s not fun, but it’s a good way to estimate your strength,” Jerry said. If you can pull up it means you can lift your body weight. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Devil crawl- These are not the easiest ways to `exercise according to David Meyrick. “Thats a no go for me,” David said. “I’d rather step on a minefield of Legos.” This exercise consists of the leader of the group calling a number then the rest of the group does this amount of pushups. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Jumping in sync- These JROTC students all jump together for exercise. “It’s good cardio,” Jerry Sprool said. “I really enjoy them.” Jumping jacks are one of JROTC’s go to extra sizes. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Sit up- These students are practicing good core exercise. “It’s the best way to improve your ab muscles,” David said. “The easiest too.” JROTC is working for the competition that will be held three days later. Photo taken by Tucker Hendershott.

Rope bridge- JROTC is preparing for their competition by practicing the main event. The rope bridge is an event where these members slide upside down from pole to pole ad fast and consistent as they can. “The first couple times are hard but from there it’s really easy,” Jerry said. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

At ease- When this group of JROTC members are at ease they get to be themselves again. “That’s just Burtham being Burtham,” David said. They surprisingly have very different characteristics than they pose while training. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Untied for a conclusion- The JROTC students have had a long day of work and they are relieved to be finished. “After a long session of work it feels good to be finished,” Jerry said. To conclude the Rope bridge and call it a day these members first need to untie the knots they began with. Photo by Tucker Hendershott.

Taking a break-These JROTC members have been extracizing for quite a while. “All this extracize is overwhelming and you should use the opportunity to take a break while you can,” David said. This is their chance to catch a breath and rest for a couple minutes.