Junior Marshals

Homework, tests and quizzes rule the life of juniors, some considering it the hardest year of high school. Some students strive to be the best that they can be in school and one of the ways that shows that is to be given the title, Junior Marshal.

A Junior Marshal is a student in the junior class that is in the top 10 percent of their class. On graduation, they lead the seniors to their row where they wait to walk across the stage as well as lead them to the stage.

A lot of juniors strive to get the title of Junior Marshal because they consider it an honor and an achievement that they can present to colleges. Junior Michelle Tiffany is one of the students that puts the title of a high pedestal.

“I wanted to be a junior marshal mostly because it looks good on college applications and it shows that I’m dedicated to my school work and challenge myself with my class choices,” Tiffany said. “Not only that, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I was as smart as those in the very top of my class.”

Junior Kiley Van Ryn is another student that strives to be her best in school. Although she specifically didn’t strive for being a Junior Marshal, she is glad she was in the top ten percent to be one.

“It isn’t that I specifically wanted to be a junior marshal really, but I thought it would be really cool to earn the title,” Van Ryn said. “I knew it was a big achievement, so I kept working hard in school to try to reach the highest ranking in my class.”

When in school Van Ryn works and studies her day away so she can achieve a high education.  She says that being a Junior Marshal is going to show others how hard she has had to work this year and the years prior to get the GPA she has now.

“I really think it is going to help me career-wise and college-wise because junior marshal titles are only given to the top 10 percent in the class rankings, so holding this title speaks volumes about how those students work in school, as well as their academic status,” Van Ryn said.

When getting this honor, Van Ryn says that this title helps keep her focused. Even though she was stressed all year, this is a nice title that helps her self-esteem.

“I think that earning the title of junior marshal is very significant and it is very rewarding,” Van Ryn said. “It is definitely beneficial to the student’s self-esteem.”

Tiffany is glad that the school honors juniors that have tried their hardest in school. When she has worked all year long and pushed herself to her limit, she thinks that having this title really helps her pursue her goals.

“I think the schools do junior marshals to reward students for their academic achievements as well as to make their lives a little easier when it comes to the logistics of graduation,” Tiffany said. “Schools consider junior marshals to be an honor given to the students who deserve it, so I am really happy that I pushed myself to become a marshal and receive the honor and praise that comes with it.”