JV Baseball April 4, 2017

PRETTY PITCH A delicate formation by sophomore Chase Moore as he pitches to Harnett Central gathering cheers from the crowd. “It feels good to know you hit your spot, and to know the hitter won’t have a chance at making it,” says Moore. “All you think in your head is ‘you can’t touch me.’” Photo by Zoe Barber

STEADY WATCH The runner on first dares to steal a base as sophomore Chase Moore stares at him to warn him not to go. Many have dared to steal while Moore is pitching and many have failed. Photo by Zoe Barber.

PRACTICE FOR THE BEST During the warm ups for the game, sophomore Landon Evans leans down and strives for the ball. “It’s honestly tense because you can feel everyone depending on you to make the play and get the out,” Evans says. “You have to have the self confidence to know that you can do it.” Photo by Zoe Barber.

GETTING DOWN TO WIN BIG Reaching down to get the ball, sophomore Wyatt Ford knows he will be running base to base very soon. The Wildcats ended up winning 5-1 against Harnett Central on April 4. “I try to stay relaxed and focused on the situation of the game and what I need to do to help my team,” said Ford. “While I’m in the box, I try and read what the pitcher might be thinking and what pitches might be thrown.” Photo by Zoe Barber.

CURVE THE BALL Throwing another pitch towards the burgundy and yellow Harnett Central player, sophomore Chase Moore curves it. “I stay loose and don’t think about anything,” says Moore. “I let my body do what it knows how to do what I want it to, I trust myself.” Photo by Zoe Barber.

YOU’VE GOT A FASTBALL The ball comes racing at sophomore Ryan Kennedy. He closes his eyes as the bat is steady and he is ready to impact the ball. “I think of the situation, how many runner are on base, where I might need to hit it and where I can’t hit it,” said Kennedy. Photo by Zoe Barber.