Kick-Butt Clites

Behind a pair of glasses there is a champion black belt walking the hallways and his name is freshman Andrew Clites. He has been doing martial arts for three and half years and he is currently a first degree black belt. Kata is a series of movement exercises for practitioners of karate and other martial arts, and when Clites was only a deputy green belt he placed first in a kata tournament.

“You can technically call it fighting, but it’s more of a self defense. Each kata has its own dynamic to it. You face different opponents in every kata,” Clites said.IMG_5390

The contestants were lined up across the floor and then they were each called up two-by-two. Cites was nervous because he did not know a lot of the material needed for the tournament.

“What was going through my mind was don’t skrew up the entire time, don’t skrew up,” Clites said.

Clites has been training for three years for competitions like these. He practices by competing against all ages, even adults who are a higher belt them him .

“Let’s just say I can take a lot of hard punches,” Clites said.

IMG_5394He was victorious and was the champion of the kata tournament.

“It felt like a dream to me. It was awesome,” Clites said.

He plans to continue karate until he gets his 10th degree black belt, which takes about two years between every stage. Clites is determined, but jokes he will probably be 60 years old when he finally gets the last belt.