Kyle Christ: Running Cross-Country and Across the Country

Over the course of four years students slowly develop a passion. Whether it is band, sports, or simply academics, most students become fervent about something. For Kyle Christ, lead runner of the cross-country team, running filled that gap.

Christ started running in 7th grade. He started competitively running his sophomore year.

“After I started running and doing well in races, I kept increasing my running amount until I became one of the better runners in the state,” Christ said.

It took four years and twelve running seasons to gradually for Christ to become a competitive runner. His interest gradually evolved into a serious passion.

“Going to college on a running scholarship has always been a dream of mine. Sophomore year I really started taking it seriously. I began running a lot more and improving,” said Christ.

Steady practice day after day isn’t the only thing that has bettered Christ as a runner. Plenty of other factors, like an encouraging team and an equally as committed coach, had a lot to do with his success.

“Shaw helps a lot. He runs with us on the weekends and encourages long runs. He takes us to all of our meets and gives race-specific workouts. He also enters us into competitive meets,” said Christ.

The reward of hard work has finally arrived. Christ, after considering UNC, ECU and Cornell and High Point, finally settled on NC State University as his college of choice. He is going on a partial running scholarship.

“I chose State because it has the best ranking for my major,” said Christ. “In-state tuition is very affordable, and they have a really good running program. I’m interested in engineering, and their coach maintained consistent contact with me. He called me every single week.”

A competitive college 5k time is roughly 14:30s. Kyle’s pr (running terminology for “personal record”) fits right into those times.

“The fastest I have ever ran in a 5k is 15:19,” said Christ.

The Arcadia Invitational was held April 10-11 in Los Angeles, California. The event was geared towards competitive, amateur runners– the fastest in the country. Christ ran 9:11:05, placing 21 out of 30 in the 3200 men’s invitational.

“I enjoyed myself a lot– particularly after I ran. The weather was awesome, and I got to tour Los Angeles that day after the competition,” Christ said.

Although nine minutes is unfathomable to many runners, Christ wasn’t done yet. The Penn Relays were held April 23-25. Kyle raced the 3000 meter race, about a half track length less, placing 13th out of 22. He raced 8:46:40.

“The Penn Relays is an east-coast invitational. Despite the name, it isn’t one relay– it is an entire four day long track meet, held in downtown Philadelphia,” Christ said. “It was a really cool atmosphere because there were roughly 40,000 people. Compared to Arcadia, the amount of people there was much larger.”

The future for Christ is uncertain, but, one thing is for sure– he will be going fast.

“I enjoy running because it is so competitive,” Christ said. “It’s nice to run with other people, and it is something I can do– and plan on doing– well after college.”