Laura Krivac, cancer survivor

Battling cancer as a child has taught sophomore Laura Krivac a lot about the importance of life lessons and has changed her outlook on life. She never imagined she would spend two years of her life in a hospital with cancer, but she is proud to be able to say she has made it this far.

Krivac’s mom and the hospital team helped her tremendously throughout her cancer treatment to stay strong, and she is grateful for it.

“Everyday that I would go do my chemo it would make me feel weak and nauseous,” Krivac said. “But I knew the people around me were going through the same thing and I had my mom to push me to keep fighting. She taught me to always fight and never give up.

Having cancer changed Krivac’s outlook on life and the person she has become because of it.

“I used to be someone I wasn’t proud of, but now I treat others the way I want to be treated,” Krivac said.

Krivac learned a great deal about friendship throughout her high school years, especially when to walk away.

“I used to have a best friend that was a toxic person in my life and was great at manipulating people,” Krivac said. “I trusted my intuition and realized I didn’t want to know her.”

Krivac is hopeful about what the future holds and has her sights set on moving forward.

“I want five kids. I want to be a masseuse and run my own business,” Krivac said.