Life Outside School

The amount of homework can be overwhelming by itself but with other activities it can just become a burden. There are students that spend hours doing extra curricular activities after school to then go home and spend hours doing homework.
Sophomore Colby Jackson dances two to three hours every day. Having dance every day and having homework every night can be stressful and has caused him to think about cutting back on dance classes or even quitting.
“I would never actually quit or drop any dance classes,” Jackson said. “I can’t imagine not being able to dance and share that passion with others.”
For junior Laura Kuhaneck, it can be hard to concentrate on the three to four hours of homework she has each night. Her abundance of homework has caused her to have to cut back on some volunteering.
“I usually volunteer at a library some,” Kuhaneck said. “I have only been able to volunteer there once because of homework and I wish I could volunteer more”
Junior Cameron Lanning has a packed schedule with the JROTC drill team and color guard along with riding horses. He has never thought about quitting anything. Instead, he finds a way to have time to get his homework done.
‘It’s too much fun and the team’s depend on me,” Lanning said. “I command the platoon sequence during competitions.”
Jackson would still dance if he had the chance to go back and change his decision to give him more time to do homework.
“Dance has made me who I am today,” Jackson said. “Before dance a was a lot more shy and not as outgoing. I’m still not every outgoing all the time but I am more outgoing than I was because of dance.”
Lanning believes that the teachers give a fair amount of homework to students. He also believes that the students just have to learn to balance homework and extracurricular activities.
“Teachers give an appropriate amount of homework for their classes,” Lanning said.
Kuhaneck believes that there are times where the amount of homework given can cause students to cut back on or even stop their extracurricular activities.
“Sometimes the teachers just give too much work,” Kuhaneck said. “We’ll have to cut back on something to have time for homework and we can’t cut back on school.”
Jackson finds it harder to do homework after returning home from dance. But with dance almost directly after school, most of the time he has to do homework after and before dance
“I’m so tired after dance from being there so long and being out late,” Jackson said. “I always have to spend time calming myself down after I get home from dance before I do homework. Most of the time I have to eat when I get home too because I usually don’t eat before I go to dance since its so early.”
Kuhaneck believes that teachers give too much homework and do not take into account a student’s extracurricular activities. She believes that the homework given does not take too long to complete but the teachers just give a lot of assignments to complete each night.
“Because I have so much homework to do I don’t have as much time to do the things I want to do,” Kuhaneck said.