Love for Winter


Sophomore Hannah O’Neal has an astounding love for animals.  She has seven dogs and is determined to be a marine biologist when she grows up.  O’Neal has had many people and pets in her life to help influence who she is today through her struggles.  

O’Neal has not always wanted to be a marine biologist,  her love came from a trip to Florida at the age of 13.  Ever since she has had a strong passion for the field of marine biology.  

“I was influenced to be a marine biologist when I went to an aquarium in Florida and saw Winter from Dolphin Tales,” O’Neal said.

With a lot of hardships throughout her life O’Neal has struggled to keep up in school.  She has faced many struggles but continues to go forward, regardless of what life throws at her.  Through the darkest of time she has lived by eight words that have helped her get past it.  

“Keep going with life and embrace the suck,” O’Neal said.

During one of her hardships through life she discovered her new found passion for pets.

With seven dogs O’Neal mostly enjoys playing with her two chihuahuas.  Her love for pets will never change and last forever.    

“Playing with pets because that’s when I’m the happiest,” O’Neal said.

Animals have always been a big part of her life. That’s one of the reasons she aspires to be a successful marine biologist.  O’neal, confident in her ability, has never been afraid to try new things.

“Doing your best and getting an outcome because it’s still succes if you try,” O’Neal said.