Love Hurts

The excitement rose in Atlanta, Georgia when sophomore Madison Morath and her squad went on stage. They practiced the routine for many hours before performing, but accidents can still happen.  That night was no exception.

It was day one of competition when Morath was attempting a stunt where she was required to do a flip. When landing, she hit her nose on another girl’s shoulder. She heard her nose pop and felt the blood run down her face.

“I finished the routine while holding my nose,” Morath said. “I ran off stage and my white uniform was stained in blood.”

The paramedics told her that she broke her nose and couldn’t perform. She broke nine bones, has had four concussions, her two front teeth are fake, and she bruised her sternum. Despite her injuries, her favorite part of cheer is tumbling. Tumbling has given her a sense of confidence and a burst of adrenaline.

“I like that I don’t know if I’m going to land on my face, or if I’m going to land on my feet,” Morath said.

Morath hasn’t always been into cheer. While growing up with three brothers, who all did baseball, she learned how to play. Her parents wanted her to play softball but she wasn’t interested.

“Softball was too girly and the ball was too big,” Morath said.

When Morath declined her mother’s offer for softball, her mother wanted her to try cheer. Which led her to her cheering passion. Now in high school, she cheers on the varsity team. She had thought about continuing to cheer throughout high school and college, but Morath isn’t completely sure yet.

“It is nice to have colleges ask me to play for them. It gives me some options when it comes to choosing a school,” Morath said.