Manchester Bombing

Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” world tour quickly became a truly dangerous event at her Manchester Arena concert, which suffered a deadly bombing on Monday, May 22.

Social media over the years has become a public platform for individuals to rapidly share breaking news. The bombing instantaneously became a trending topic, and sophomore Cloe Merkousko took an interest.

“I saw a news page on twitter raise speculation about the bombing before it was confirmed,” Merkousko said. “We can find things out a lot faster as a result of twitter and social media news since everyone is always on their phones.”

“Broken” is the word Ariana Grande used within her sixteen word tweet to express her emotions following the deadly bombing. Various individuals have shared their opinions or sentiments regarding victims and the disastrous event.

“Tweets about the bombing have filled my whole timeline the past few days,” Merkousko said. “Those insensitive people trying to make a joke about it for some retweets have really surprised me.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack with 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the bomber. It is confirmed that twenty-two people were killed in the bombing. This number includes adults and children, as well as Abedi. Following the identities of victims being released Åriana Grande contacted the families with offers to pay for any funeral expenses.

“There were so many young people there to have a fun time and now they are just gone so fast,” Merkousko said. “I think it’s very sweet and heartwarming that she offered to pay, but at the same time it’s very sad that she feels obligated to.”

Grande has confirmed suspension of her world tour, including upcoming scheduled performances in London Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

“I think it’s good for her caring for her own health and cancelling the tour,” Merkousko said. “It’s obvious that she’s in a very hard place after all of this.”

Merkousko frequently attends concerts and has a few planned for her upcoming summer break.

“I’ll check for more exits now in case of an emergency and if I go with friends we will make plans if something were to happen where we would meet up,” Merkousko said. “The reality of these situations scares me and it’s heartbreaking that it could happen anywhere in today’s reality.”