Migrating to America


Senior Xena Mae Davis was born in the Southern part of the Philippines. When she turned 13 years old she moved to Bahrain in the Middle East which is close to Saudi Arabia.

“I was born and raised in the Southern part of the Phillippines,” Davis said.

After a year Davis had to move from Bahrain. There were a lot of terrorists attacks it was no longer safe.

“I lived in Bahrain for a year and a few months then my dad’s company moved to America but I didn’t have a visa because I’m undocumented so I had to stay in the Philippines for almost two years,” Davis said.

When Davis was fifteen she moved to America she was nervous and afraid she thought she wasn’t going to have any friends

“I moved to America when I was 15 it was hard because I didn’t think people would understand my English,” Davis said.

When Davis moved to America she was freshmen in West Johnston high school. She didn’t think she’d make any friends because of how she talked.

“America was really different because in the Philippines there is no winter, there’s just dry season and raining season it’s always warm,” Davis said.

Davis said the weather was different it’s always warm in the Philippines but in America it’s mostly cold. She was used to the weather in the Philippines so it wasn’t what she expected when she moved to America.