Mr. West Johnston


Students can always count on “Mr. West J” for a good time. Johnston County Teen Drivers club presented Mr. West Johnston’s third annual event. Male students are nominated for each activity or sport they participate in. Friends, family and students gathered to support their favorite contestant.

“It was a joy in being a judge in the contest. The event was another success,” Assistant Principal Jule Vines said.

Students went to the event to support the funds going to their sport. Whoever wins “Mr. West J” wins money supporting their school sport or activity. All of the contestants have a nickname. For example, senior Rufus Brown runs track so he decided to be called short shorts.

“It was really fun I had a good time, and if I win the money it will go towards chorus,” sophomore Casey Hartley said.

While the contestant tried to raise funds, some of them form bonds and discover new things about each other.

“It was really fun to hangout with some cool people and make new friends,” said junior John Simon. “My favorite part of “Mr. West J” was the group dances, because it was really fun learning the dance moves.”

Contestants showed positive energy and good sportsmanship to the winner.

“We’re all glad Tony Mack won. He deserves it because he’s a really great guy,” said senior Deandre Blevins. “I’m really happy for him.”

Countless unpredictable things happened in the show. A group of former alumni contestants performed to show the judges their dance moves.

“I think everyone did a good job and there were no issues that happened during the performance,” Simon said.

The judges focused on how well the contestants perform in each category like their dance performances. Vines explains how much he enjoys judging.

“My favorite part of the contest was the excellent competition, character among the contestants and awards,” Vines said.