Musician in the Making?

Danielle Jones

Freshman Danielle Jones has an extreme passion for music. She plays multiple instruments and aspires to be a musician as an adult. Jones has had many people influencing her throughout her life.

Her love for music started from an early age from someone who has been in her life from the start.

“The thing that influenced my love for music the most was growing up listening to my dad sing to me all the time,” Jones said.

While Jones’s dad has had much influence on her life, but he can’t take all the credit. Mr. Franklin has been a big influence on her life and musical career also.

“Right before a competition we huddle up and sing our traditional song,” Jones said. “Mr. Franklin gets in the middle and says it’s just another day in the life, go out there and have fun.”

Jones’s lives without regrets. Hard work has made her team able to withstand the physical troubles of a long band competition.

“You have to be fit to do marching band,” Jones said. “We have our own P.T. director and we spend at least 30 minutes on that. We do push ups, sit ups, crunches, etc.”

Franklin’s word of inspiration are something that Jones has embraced and used to flourish in band. She has the utmost appreciation and respect for Franklin and everything he has done for her and her band team.

“Never regret anything that made you smile,” Jones said.