The New Chorus Teacher

The chorus students at West Johnston are still singing, however, this year they are led by a new voice. Joshua Johnson was selected among other interested applicants to receive a position as the new vocal music and theatre arts teacher.

“I stood out because I have such a strong passion for music,” Johnson said. “Music isn’t just something that I do, it’s something that I am.”

This is Johnson’s first year teaching. Although he lacks seniority as an educator, his personal experiences have prepared him for the classroom setting.

“I’ve always participated in musicals and plays at NCCU where I graduated,” Johnson said. “All of my personal experience, as well as being the worship minister at my church, has helped me learn to work with different levels of knowledge and learning styles.”

Teaching high school students was not Johnson’s original plan. He soon found, however, teaching to be his niche.

“When I was in college I never wanted to teach, I just wanted to sing,” Johnson said. “I started working as the minister of music at my church and working with the teenagers there made me just fall in love with teaching young kids.”

Johnson’s passion for music goes far beyond teaching. He doesn’t know what he would do if music was not in his life.

“I feel like music drives the world. Music drives life, and music is life. It is the beat that we walk to. It is the sounds in the air, it’s just everything,” Johnson said. “Music is all around us. If we didn’t have music I don’t think life would be anything worth living.”