Nich the Softy

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At the base of the mountain he wondered, why did I run away and not try to fix things? Then he was given a choice which would change his future forever, shaping who he is today.

When freshman Nich Wilson was 7 years-old, he went on a vacation to the mountains. Though he looks up to his brother, they don’t always get along. He fought with his brother because his brother was making fun of him because he still slept with a stuffed animal. He packed up his things and ran away, and walked to the base of the mountain until his dad came to get him.

“If I could go back to that vacation, I would’ve worked it out with my brother and not have ran away,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s brother is his inspiration and best friend. He encouraged him to pursue what he loves to do, which was tennis, which nobody else knew at the time except him. He felt he could tell his brother anything, though they didn’t always agree. His brother didn’t let him slack on school work or anything else.

“He motivates me in school and when I want to procrastinate with my homework, he won’t let me,” Wilson said.

Wilson wants to be a photojournalist after going on an educational trip over the summer. He went to Alaska and had to take pictures of the place. After he had his pictures he had to pick one and write about why that one was his favorite. While he wrote about it, he found out he loved to take pictures and write about them so his passion of wanting to be a photojournalist grew. Wilson is determined to go the University of Texas in Austin because there are some of the best classes there.

“I love to write and I have a great mind on stories,” Wilson said.

His brother isn’t the only one who has changed Wilson, and because of them he wants to be known as an outgoing person and someone who helps others. His cousin was struggling with life because her ex broke up with her over text, she was insecure, and she cares a lot about what people think about her. She felt like she wasn’t enough but Wilson stepped in and helped her. He told her she was enough and was a shoulder for her to lean on while she got back on track. Wilson noticed how much he loved to help her, inspiring him to help others.

“The experience shaped who I am,” Wilson said.