Off to Vegas

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Junior Robin Pollard took a gamble when she decided to play competitive soccer. Her wager must have paid off, for she was recently accepted into the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
“IMy club team helps a lot of people on the team talk to schools,” said Pollard. “After talking to my current coach and family, we decided that [UNLV] would be a good fit for me to play college soccer at.”
The current coach at UNLV, Chris Shaw, used to be Pollard’s old club coach. This connection helped her in the long run.
“He coached at Barton while he was here. Then he got a division one job there, so he took that job. He watched me play in a couple games, and he talked it over with me and my family,” Pollard said,
Pollard first realized that she might be able to play in college when she made her Capital Area Soccer League (CASL) team.
“When I made the CASL ECNL team, I realized that playing in college could be a reality and not just a dream,” said Pollard. “I’ve always loved soccer. I thought that I would want to play in college, and when I made that team, it was so competitive that it pushed me to become a better player.”
Aside from getting into college, Pollard plays the sport because it’s what she enjoys.
“It’s competitive, it keeps me in shape and I get to meet a lot of new people and travel to new places,” Pollard said.