One-Punch Man

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a superhero?  In One and Yusuke Murata’s One-Punch Man, the world is covered in superheros with even more villains. The show was my first subtitled anime, and it has changed my perspective on the world of Japanese entertainment.


The anime follows the story of a man named Saitama and the people he encounters. The show starts off with citizens panicking over a monster destroying their city. Saitama comes to the scene to save a young girl. The monster asks what he is. Saitama responds with his classic line, “I’m a hero for fun”. The villain boasts how bad he is for Saitama to leisurely punch him once to decimate the beast. Saitama yells out in frustration that it was too easy.


As it can be seen, the anime is a superhero parody and cracks fun at stereotypical animes. As a fan of Naruto, Dragonball Z, Death Note and other titles, the jokes attacking anime made me laugh hysterically. The show continuously had outrageous characters, and I never got tired of the humor they brought.


The art style of the illustrations are defined and electric compared to typical anime shows. One originally had the show as a webcomic, until Murata picked up the comic and made a digital manga remake in 2012. Madhouse made an anime adaptation in 2015. The anime was dubbed in the summer of 2016. After a successful first season, the show is planned to have a second one.


If you are interested in starting to watch subbed anime, I highly recommend this as a starter. I will have to say that the show is better to a semi-seasoned anime fan to fully comprehend some of the jokes. This is a comedic show, and I cannot wait to see the second season.