Overseas Traveler

Every year there are always new students seen around school. Some students, come from other countries as part of the Study Abroad Program.

From Taiwan to North Carolina, junior YuChing Lee came here to study. Coming to the United States was not always in her plans, until her mom told her about the Study Abroad Program.

“After she told me about the program I decided I wanted to come because I wanted to experiment the American culture,” Lee says.

Lee started her one year journey on August 26, 2016, and had come thinking that the United States was going to be like what she sees on T.V.

“America is so much bigger than what I thought,” Lee says. “People here are more outgoing.”

Besides having that image in her head about the United States, Lee says that she did not know much about North Carolina either, so she decided to do some research about the Tar Heel State.

“When I googled ‘North Carolina’ it said it had lots of trees, and it does,” Lee says. “I really like that about here.”

From the many places Lee has gone to while she has been in the U.S, she has loved Disney World the most. Her favorite part about her Disney trip was all the little festivities done throughout the day there.

“I loved the parade. It was gorgeous,” Lee says.

Lee says she would definitely go to Disney again because she fell in love with everything that is included when you go, from watching the shows that are performed, or the parades that are displayed, and the characters that you get to see.

With her year-long journey here coming to an end, Lee will miss North Carolina. It has been a home to her, and she has met many new people here who have become great friends.

“I will miss my friends, host family, and pets,” she says. “I want to tell them thank you very much, and thanks for letting me have a very good experience here.”