(Paint)Ball is Life

dylan.When class isn’t in session, freshman Dylan Dodds’ days are filled with bright colored pellets and protective padding. In fifth grade, thanks to an invitation presented by one of his friends, Dodds’ interest in the game of paintball began.

“I usually play video-games that relate to the game, and when my friends took me that one day I decided that I liked to play. We just kept going back,” Dodds said.

Dodds finds himself at Black River, the field where he plays paintball, every weekend surrounded by his friends who share the game as a common interest.

“We start on two teams and we play games against one another,” said Dodds. “When the last person has been hit then the other team wins.”

When Dodds goes to the fields, paintballing isn’t the only thing that he has on his list of things to do.

“My friends and I help to officiate games, we get to know the staff a bit and we just try to help people have a good time,” Dodds said.

Fun comes at a price in this activity and that’s something that Dodds has experienced first hand.

“One of my first injuries was when I got hit under my arm,” said Dodds. “ It formed a huge bruise that lasted for a week.”

Despite the pain in paintball, Dodds continues to enjoy his weekend escapades to Black River.

“You get to make so many memories and have so many experiences with your friends,” said Dodds. “I really have fun doing it.”