Paranormal Investigator

When something unexplainable happens, such as a book falling to the floor by itself, some  people come to the conclusion that it’s a ghost, or paranormal activity. For computer technician teacher Mark Anderson, investigating these phenomenon is his hobby.

Since 2011, after watching Ghost Hunters, Anderson decided that he could do better and he went into the paranormal investigating business. He calls his business NC Paranormal Research. He assembled a team of four which includes Anderson, Vicki Daniels, Chad Chappell, and  Jennifer Seymour. The four go around Elizabeth City and the Johnston County area capturing videos of paranormal activity.

“My favorite part is capturing the evidence,” Anderson says.

In order to capture the unseen, Anderson has to have people who need investigating. He has a process that is located on his Facebook or his website.

“They tell me what the problem is and I setup an appointment to meet with them,” Anderson says.

Anderson uses multiple tools to get his evidence. He uses an Ovilus X, K2 meter, digital cameras, digital video recording (DVR), temperature sensors, movement sensors, and voice recorders. The Ovilus X has the ability to convert what a spirit is saying into words. The cameras with infrareds can see orbs and sometimes spirits or shadows. In order to be successful in his investigation, Anderson and his team must be organized

“I have someone to monitor what is going on and if they see something they tell the investigator closest to the area,” Anderson says.

The most difficult thing for Anderson is reviewing the evidence.

“To view the evidence we have to sit in a quiet room and either listen or watch the entire recordings. For the pictures we just look and see what was captured,” Anderson says.