Passion For Drawing

Animation and cartoons have been around for years and they have inspired many people to want to draw, freshman Angel Rodriguez is one of them.

“With the new technology coming out and movies changing how they look I want to be a part of it,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has always felt a calling for drawing. As a child, she enjoyed watching animation and cartoons and seeing it sparked her interested to draw.

“One time my mom and dad were looking for a logo and I said I could do it for them,” Rodriguez said. “After finishing the logo for them I felt a satisfaction from drawing ”


In her sophomore and junior year she is interested in taking an Adobe Photoshop class, she is also looking into a Disney internship.

“I like to draw animals. For my sister’s birthday I drew a picture of Bolt,”  Rodriguez said.  “Another time I drew Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.”

For Rodriguez, drawing is highly important.

“Drawing is something that helps me relax and feel calm, it’s my escape,”  Rodriguez said.