A Passion to Last a Lifetime

The sound of the computer keys and mouse clicking, the ideas flowing through her head, and the satisfaction of seeing a final product. Senior Melina Solano has a growing passion for graphic design.

Her love for graphic design came to be while she was looking at movie posters and book covers. While Solano was looking at the book covers and movie posters, she began to want to design them herself. She does graphic design to this day but sometimes she has to take month long breaks until she gets inspired again. When Solano got to high school, she started taking graphic design classes to perfect her skill and the rest is history.

Solano found out how difficult working on computers can be when the program she was working with crashed. She was working on a project during her sophomore year when adobe crashed and not all of her work was saved. Solano was devastated.

“I had worked on the poster for four days and it was for a project on a book in English class,” Solano said. “The only thing that saved was the first three things I edited. I had to redo pretty much the entire poster. I liked how it looked the first time but when I redid it, it didn’t look the same. I had to do it from memory without a reference.”

Solano’s favorite thing she has made is a poster for a dance show. The poster was a part of a competition for the graphic design class.  This poster would be put up over the school for all the students to see as they are walking through the halls.

“I made it my sophomore year for a class competition and the dance show was called dancing through time,” Solano said. “I didn’t win the class competition but I was really proud of that poster.”

Solano was first inspired by movie posters and book covers. She loved how they didn’t give everything away about the book or movie but dropped hints about it. Solano saw the posters and thought that she would be able to do it so she gave it a try and now loves it.

“I was inspired by book covers and movie posters but mainly movie posters,” Solano said. “I saw how they showed what the movie was about but not all of the movie and it was very eye catching.”

Solano loves graphic design, mainly the freedom in designing something. She is able to make whatever she wants on the computer even if she is not good at drawing.

“I love the freedom and not having to worry if you can’t draw something because it’s digital,” Solano said.

There are some things that Solano doesn’t like about graphic design. One of them being the deadlines that have to be met. She also doesn’t like having to hold back her ideas to make clients happy.

“I don’t like deadlines. I suck at them,” Solano said. “I also don’t like having to restrict my creativity to meet the client’s needs or wants.”