Persistent Prendergast

Broken bones cannot keep sophomore Vienna Prendergast off her feet.

Her freshman year, she fractured her tibia during the McAlpine Greenway race in Charlotte, yet received a personal record (PR) for a 5K. The symptoms of a stress fracture came out a week before the race. Prendergast had severe shin splints– her leg was throbbing and swollen.

“I almost started crying, but then I saw a girl run past me. I thought I might as well run a little bit faster,” Prendergast said.

Around the two mile mark, Prendergast had to sprint up the hill. When she was running down, she put too much pressure on one leg. She felt it break and her leg went completely numb. She fell down onto her knees, but persevered through the race to finish with a new PR.

“I basically got up and started running a little bit faster and ignored the pain. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt,” Prendergast said.

Coach Patrick Shaw told Prendergast that she was out for the season. She iced it and did physical therapy to be healed eight months later.

“I like the competition. All my friends were running in it and I didn’t feel like sitting out. The people on the team are a big family and you can tell them anything. They go through the same pain that I do,” Prendergast said.