Pittsburgh Steelers’ Biggest Fan

He was a small fish in a sea of  yellow, fans were screaming and his toes were freezing. This was when junior Adam Romiti braved the frigid Pennsylvania weather to cheer on his Pittsburgh Steelers. Two years ago his beloved Steelers were playing against the Cleveland Browns and he had a prime seat three rows up on the 40 yard line–Romiti was right in the action. He was so close he could see the players faces through their face masks.

“It was a great experience and it was super cold, I didn’t dress warm enough” said Romiti. “I should’ve worn five pairs of socks instead of two.”

However, this seemed normal for Romiti because he is a dedicated Steelers fan– even his bathroom is decked out in Steelers gear. In the end, his team beat their opponents by two touchdowns, making it worth facing the freezing conditions.