The Powerpuff Girls are back


The revivals of popular television shows from the late 1900’s have taken 2016 by storm, from the new Netflix series “Fuller House” to “The X-Files”. One show that peaked interest was the reboot of the children’s animated show the “Powerpuff Girls” — a show based around three elementary-school-aged, superhero lab experiments. The show aired this April on Cartoon Network and received some mixed-reviews from different age groups.

In this new rendition, the writer and producers implement ways of getting laughs out of younger viewers, like using whimsical side stories that have nothing to do with fighting the main villain. The jokes have gotten cornier, which can sometimes be a good thing, and they are also putting in random mini-episodes involving the trio. The shorts are virtually pointless, but get the show within certain time frames.

The reboot offers aspects from the old version of the show while incorporating new and fresh ideas. The show still has the main characters that everyone loves — Professor X, Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, Mayor and other favorites.

This version lacks the tones and execution of character portrayals. Bubbles is still as sweet as can be and Blossom is still a leader, but Buttercup isn’t as cruel and mean as she was back in the 90’s. The personalities of her and a few other characters could be a little bit better. Keeping in mind that it is a show for children, the Powerpuff Girls could be a little extra hard-hitting when it comes to villains. The villains “give up” way too easily in my opinion. There was a lumberjack character who let his butt get beat by Buttercup. He put in a minimal fight and showed no signs of retaliating. The villains could just use more ‘umf.’

On the contrary, the graphic design of the show is phenomenal and up to par with most modern cartoons. Compared to the old version, the settings like Townsville and the elementary school are definitely better. Character designs are also more crisp and the shapes flow together better than they did in 1998.

Despite the lack of depth within the characters, the show is pretty entertaining if you’re looking for something to pass the time. The schemes, though they are modified for young viewers, are pretty fun to watch. It isn’t the best cartoon, but it definitely isn’t the worst. Maybe by watching you can rekindle your love for the Powerpuff Girls.