Preparing for Prom

The greatest prom on earth is quickly approaching. April 20, 2018 is the date set for this years circus themed prom. Juniors and seniors are invited to attend the event and allowed one guest to spend the night with. Months of preparation go into creating the perfect night.

“I started planning in January,” junior Arianna Arrington said. “People started getting their dresses and I felt pressured to keep up and get everything figured out.”

Months before prom, girls scan countless stores for the perfect dress. Having the same dress as another attendee is a common concern, so students are quick to purchase and register their gowns well in advance of the big night.

“As long as you feel confident in the dress you choose it shouldn’t matter if anyone else has it,” senior Tessa Starkweather said. “Girls want to feel like the center of attention on prom night and may feel threatened if someone is wearing the same dress.”

Promposals are a growing trend among high school students everywhere. A promposal is an elaborately staged request to ask someone to be your date to prom. Typically these are specific to the individual’s interests and are a surprise to the person being asked.

“I received a promposal and it was very special because my boyfriend is at college out of state,” Arrington said. “He incorporated my love for ROTC in the promposal and it was more special that way because it means he really listens and puts effort into the things I care about.”

There are many items on a student’s prom checklist. Hair and makeup appointments are to be made, along with floral arrangements and dinner reservations. The work is never truly done until prom night.

“The most stressful part is the day of and making sure everything you’ve planned for months works out perfectly,” Arrington said.

Being invited as a guest is the only way an underclassman is able to attend prom. This is an opportunity for freshmen and sophomores to experience the dance an extra year.

“My boyfriend is a junior and asked me to go with him,” sophomore Jordan Biggs said. “I didn’t want to spend too much on my dress since I still have two more proms to attend. I will definitely go both my junior and senior year to see my friends and get the upperclassman prom experience.”

A large expense is associated with this one night. For some the price is the most difficult part of prom.

“From buying the prom dress to paying for dinner, trying to afford prom can be very difficult,” Starkweather said. “It’s especially hard as a senior when I’m trying to save up for college.”

Senior Blake Markuson is familiar with the expenses associated with prom and shares his opinion on whether prom is worth the price.

“Prom is definitely worth it,” Markuson said. “It’s an experience you only have when you’re young and creates memories you’ll remember forever.”