Pretty Little Liars Review

Pretty Little Liars has been around for many years and still has a huge fan base. This season is different, fans are going crazy over the fact that this is the last season.

I started watching PLL when their first season came out and instantly I was hooked on the show. Pretty Little Liars is about a groups of girls, Emily, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Alison, who are all best friends and one night their friend Alison goes missing. Everyone believes she’s dead and suddenly they all get a message from “A” threatening to expose them. This is what the whole show is based on, finding out who “A” is.

Throughout the show the girls believe they have found out who is sending them these crazy text messages just to find out it’s not who they think it is. This show is filled with twists and turns and is constantly leaving you wondering. The mystery is what keeps you intrigued and waiting for more. Netflix has added this series to instantly stream so now you can binge watch it which is a definite plus because once you start this series you won’t be able to stop.

The twists and turns and constant uncertainty leave you thinking about the show even when the episode ends. Throughout the show characters come and go and that’s one of the downsides. The girls get into relationships and you start to fall in love with them and then they break up and you get crushed, but that’s one of the best parts of the show. The heartbreaks and emotion that gets invested into the show is what keeps you going from season to season.

In one of the first seasons the girls find out that Alison is not dead like they thought but they have to keep it a secret because “A” will expose them. In the newer seasons the girls now know who “A” is and that’s why many believe the show is ending. There is nothing else to look forward too. Regardless of the reason the series is ending I’ll forever be rewatching the seasons on Netflix.

If you’re into mystery, constantly wondering and binge watching I really recommend watching Pretty Little Liars.