Procrastination can affect student grades, drop out rates, mental and physical health. At only the click of a button an essay can be replaced by a video of a sneezing kitten, or a facebook photo album.  Procrastination is making the choice to avoid doing something, even though we know this will cost us in the long run. However, for junior Heather Holt there are some positive aspects to procrastinating.

“Although there is some serious stress that goes along with procrastinating, lots of people, including myself, work better under pressure,” Holt said. “For some people,when they have a longer deadline and finish ahead of time, they might not put their all into it.”

According to the Oregon State Universities academic success center, procrastination is more common among people who are impulsive, prone to perfectionism, burdened by other people’s expectations of them, and scared of failure. One reason for procrastination is that the targets that are set are often too big and vague, which makes them seem more intimidating and unpleasant. For sophomore Jo Walton, procrastination is a big problem.

“I just need to be smarter about how I balance my work and work on taking more time in my day to do schoolwork,” Walton said.

For many people, procrastination is a strong and mysterious force that keeps them from completing even the most urgent of tasks. It’s also a potentially dangerous force, causing victims to fail out of school, perform poorly at work, put off medical treatment or delay saving for retirement.

“Some people might break down and not be able to function properly for a while and this could affect people’s grades in a negative way,” Holt said.


To avoid doing work some people open up a video game or Pinterest instead. That makes them feel better temporarily, but reality comes back to bite them in the end. Once the reality of a deadline sets in, procrastinators feel more extreme shame and guilt. For an extreme procrastinator, those negative feelings can be just another reason to put the task off, with the behavior turning into a vicious, self defeating cycle.