Prom Royalty

On Friday, April 13, prom court nominations were announced. A googleform, open for one day, was sent to all seniors was the sole factor in determining who has a chance at becoming prom royalty. Six girls and six boys won the majority vote and will represent the senior class at the upcoming dance on Friday, April 20.

“I really was not expecting to be chosen out of the whole senior class,” senior Emalee Chapman said. “I think it will be an honor on prom night to be recognized in front of everyone.”

Females will have the opportunity to be crowned prom queen while one male will be chosen to accompany her as king.

“I would look forward to holding this memory and feeling special for the night,” senior Kaymin Ketrow said. “It’ll be a great story to tell one day and I am so grateful to be a part of this.”

Senior Andrew Ryan explains how it feels from a male’s perspective to have this opportunity.

“The girls seem to be more competitive about this,” Ryan said. “The guys are pretty laid back about the whole thing and just waiting to see what happens.”

Couples are often nominated for prom court together by their peers. This year three different couples are among nominees.

“It’s great even if Emalee and I do not win,” Ryan said. “It lets us know that our friends support our relationship because it’s something a lot of couples do not have.”

Seniors Kaymin Ketrow and Nathan Wharton have been together since seventh grade and were nominated together for prom court.

“Nathan is never big on things like this, but I can see his excitement. It’s really a great experience to be a part of this with him,” Ketrow said. “We are all equally on the court together, couple or not.”

Final votes for this title will be made at a station during prom to ensure an honest count of votes. As an opportunity only available to seniors, this is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

“I’m not expecting to win,” Chapman said. “It would be nice to be crowned in front of everyone but it’s a really fun experience more than anything else.”

At prom members of the court have a responsibility to be in line and ready to walk at nine p.m. Following the introduction of each senior, the king and queen are announced for all attendees to hear. When it is revealed who the prom king and queen are, the couple will join in a dance as prom royalty before the crowd joins. Prom coordinator Yvette Davis finds the first dance to be a very significant symbol of prom night.

“Prom is short for ‘promenade,’ which means to walk out together,” Davis said. “We follow the tradition of the couples dancing together to showcase who the student body has chosen as their best and brightest on prom night.”