Pursuing Journalism

She stands behind the camera and also in front of it, writing and filming the world around her. Her love for journalism was unexpected, but it is now taking her to new heights as she travels for her passion.

Junior Hannah Creech is attending the 2017 Washington Journalism and Media Conference which is for students across the country to come together and study journalism for a week, as well as prepare students for their future career in journalism.

For this conference, journalism teachers across the country nominate students that they believe have made great academic accomplishments and demonstrated an interest and excellence in journalism. This costly and prestigious event is attended by only 250 students from across the country and those chosen students who decide to attend are called “National Youth Correspondents”.

For Creech, her love of journalism started her sophomore year when a mistake landed her in the journalism class. Her skills quickly fell into place that year. Now, she thrives in the class and is the head of multiple publications.

“I started getting into journalism the second semester of my sophomore year and I am so fortunate that it fell into my lap. I did not sign up to take journalism I, but it was on my schedule. I tried so hard to get out of the class and into Foods, but it didn’t work out that way. As soon as we started the class, I fell in love,” Creech said. “I already knew I was good at writing, but I didn’t know how much I would love it until then. I excelled in the class and originally wanted to write for Scratchpost, but when I went into my interview with Neyman, she asked for me to be on Wildcat News. As a student, I was already a fan of Wildcat News, so I was ecstatic. Now I am Managing Editor of all publications and I will be Editor-In-Chief of Wildcat News my senior year.”

The 2017 Washington Journalism and Media Conference is held at and hosted by George Mason University in Virginia, where the students will be dorming, but they will be traveling to Washington D.C. every day. While they are there, they will be meeting important people from the journalism industry such as the editor of the National Geographic and the staff of the Washington Post.

Creech is hoping to take the experience she learns from the guest speakers and apply it to the high school journalism program where she has learned everything she knows thus far and be able to have the opportunity to test out the waters in the professional journalism field.

“I am expecting to learn more about the political side of journalism because we will be in Washington D.C.,” Creech said. “I want to pursue journalism as a career, so I am hoping to take advice from these prestigious guest speakers on what journalism is like in the real world, not just on a high school level. I am ecstatic that this trip is happening before my senior year, so I can really decide if this is what I want to do as a career.”

Ever since Creech started journalism, she thinks that she has gained enough confidence so that going to a conference like this doesn’t bother her as much because she is doing what she loves. Now, although Creech is going all the way to Washington D.C., she feels as if she is prepared to go mentally, but with the trip being in July she thinks that she will probably be much more nervous the closer she gets to leaving.

“I am so excited to be attending this conference; I think it is going to be an amazing experience. Although, I am pretty nervous because I will not know a single person there. I will be rooming with strangers, but that is okay,” Creech said. “A year ago, someone couldn’t even pay me to get me to do something like this and go states away by myself for a week, but journalism has opened me up so much that I don’t even care about that, I am just excited to learn. A new experience like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would be such a stupid reason to not go because I don’t know anybody.”

Pursuing journalism has been on the forefront of Creech’s mind ever since she fell in love with it. She says that this conference will help her reach her goals by helping to her get into a good college and help jumpstart her career

“This conference will not only look fantastic when I apply to schools for journalism, but it actually counts as a college credit,” Creech said. “Through this conference I am going to learn so many useful things to help me get into journalism as a career and work my way up.”