Relieve Boredom with Board Games

School can be a difficult place. Strenuous classes and long hours can toll on any teenager. Luckily, outlets to relieve stress are quickly multiplying. If a competitive sport does not sound appealing, students can try something more light hearted and fun. The new Board Game Club, led by math teacher Geoff Hamilton, is available for any who wish to play. If tedious math problems and long classes are becoming worrisome, relief is only a roll of the dice away.

“Participating in extracurricular activities is valuable experience. West offers a great variety of sports, clubs, and other organizations to join, yet there is still a portion of students who feel as though they don’t belong to any of those groups. Game Club was created with those students in mind. Playing board games is the perfect way to get to know people in a safe and fun environment. I love board games, especially strategy based games where I have to think about my opponents move before making my own,” Hamilton said.

Board games are often give a bad rap. Many consider “childish” games such as Mouse Trap or Guess Who inappropriate to play as young adults. In actuality, board games such as these have the potential to relieve a lot of stress from the students who need it most. A fun, lighthearted round of Scrabble or even a competitive game of Monopoly will have most students forgetting their worries.

“In the future, we plan on hosting gaming tournaments, holding toy drives, and hopefully challenging other Johnston County schools to some friendly board game competitions. I like the idea of having students create their own games. Maybe we will do that down the road. I want this club to be entirely student ran, so all ideas for club activities are welcome,” Hamilton said.

The club offers a variety of games for students to play. New games are gladly accepted, as long as they are school appropriate, for those who wish to bring them in.

“This fall was the inception of the club. I founded it along with some students who shared similar interests. They helped me create a constitution as well as general club rules. After we established what we wanted the club to look like, I tasked them with recruiting some other like-minded people who may be interested in joining,” Hamilton said.

Although club time is typically short lived, the time available will be spent playing games in this new thrilling club. Once immersed in such a child like, entertaining environment, it would be easy for any student to lose track of time.

“The club meets in my room [214] on Wednesdays. Meetings last until 3:45. Students are welcome to bring in their own games from home, provided they are school appropriate,” Hamilton said.