Replacing Mr. Geottman

Monica Neal is replacing Andrew Geottman who taught math before her. She believes that whether you are an outgoing or a more laid back person, breaking the rules is never the way to go.

To most students, Geottman was known for always wearing a different tie and matching it to significant days throughout the year. Though Neal doesn’t have a extensive tie collection, her style shine through with earrings.

“I’m kind of a background and reserved person but I let my personality come out with my cool earrings,” Neal said.

Even though many students may not enjoy math, according to hands on learning statistics, it is found that 99 percent of students have reported being more engaged and retaining information better when Neal’s method is used in the classroom.

“Math is doable for everyone on some level,” Neil said. “I would say that Pinterest is more of a hobby for me and I spend the majority of my time on it looking up DIY math projects to do with my classes.”

Pokemon Go, Balls, or Instagram may have been a top app for most people to use but Neil likes to stick to the basics and play generic games during her free time.

“Gummy Drops and Words With Friends are my two choice game apps that I’m always on when I’m not sending my daughters pins I’ve found,” Neal said.

Most students have that certain teacher they confide in or have a strong relationship with to talk to when school is stressing you out or your personal life. Neil was adopted and feels as if this helps her relate to lonely students.

“I can identify the kid that feels left out or doesn’t quite fit in with the normal, quicker because I’m adopted and was once that kid,” Neil said.