Running, Jumping and Dribbling to Success

With a full team, dedicated coaches and a new season ahead of them, team morale is looking up for the Men’s Basketball team.

“We have known each other of a long time, we’ve been part of the same team since freshman year,” said varsity player Daniel Stephenson.

The team has been doing outdoor workouts since the middle of Sept. They have been practicing intensely in hopes of winning every game they compete in.

“It’s good exercise, and it’s a good way to make friends. Sometimes it gets tiring,” Stephenson said.

Although workouts were initially inside, the team started official indoor practices about three weeks ago. Tryouts were the last week of October, and official practices began the following week.

“It’s a fun game– it helps me get in shape. I like the people on the team and I like hanging out with the boys, but all eyes are on you if you mess up,” said point guard for the team Cameron Meyers.

The team usually ranks fairly high on a conference level, and always competes to the best of their ability.

“We’re good with height. Although a lot of our guards are inexperienced on a varsity level,” Meyers said.

Coach Kristopher Bennett, one of the head coaches, is extremely dedicated to his athletes. Organizing drills, changing player positions and raising team morale, Coach Bennett does all that he can to benefit the team.

“He gives the team constructive criticism. He’s not too hard or too soft; he gets mad when he needs to and has fun when the time is right,” Meyers said.

The season usually goes through February, depending on how successful is during the conference season.

“It’s definitely much fast paced than many other sports. It’s got a lot of contact like football, but it’s a different kind of contact. It’s a different kind of physical,” Meyers said.