Sagebrush Steakhouse

Residents of Johnston County, North Carolina are no strangers to barbecue and steak, what with restaurants like Smithfield’s, The Redneck BBQ Lab, and Outback Stakehouse among others. However, in the neighboring Harnett County town of Dunn lies a little known restaurant by the name of Sagebrush Stakehouse. This family restaurant provides customers with a plethora of steak, brisket, chicken, and barbecue dishes to enjoy.

Upon entry, I was greeted to the savory smell of steak. True to its name, the decor gave off a western vibe and a great atmosphere. The hostess was very enthusiastic in greeting us and showing us to our seat. The waitress was quick to come and order our drinks, returning not much later with them before heading off again to give us a chance to solidify our orders. The menu layout was very appealing, with a specials section right in the first two pages, advertising scrumptious steaks and briskets. Also advertised were a fair amount of unique and appetizing salads, including a mandarin salad, which I was very tempted to order something other than I did just to get. After examining the menu, I ultimately chose my first sight – a barbecue brisket with crispy fries and broccoli. A party member ordered a very attractive steak and brisket.

The wait for our food seemed astoundingly long, though that may have been due to the large number customers that night. Even so, a party which arrived after ours received their meal before us, though we were a party of four, and they of two. During the wait, we were treated to delicious yeast rolls and butter to hold us off. Thankfully, our waitress stopped by often to check on us, giving us slight updates on our meals from time to time. The party member sitting next to me ordered a Caesar salad, and it was unlike any I had seen at a restaurant before, topped with small bacon bits. The member with the salad described it as being one of the best they  had ever tasted.

Once the food had arrived, we were all very enthusiastic from our long wait, diving into the meal seemingly as soon as the waitress left. I took the liberty of using Heinz 57 sauce on my fries as opposed to ketchup, a choice which I feel amplifies the flavor of the fries. The brisket was delicious, requiring no extra sauce – though, I did apply some stake sauce to see how it would taste. The sauce did indeed go well with the brisket.

Overall, I rate the establishment a nine out of ten, if only for the extended wait. That said, this was but my first experience at the restaurant, and my thoughts on the eatery are privy to change.