Senior Superlatives

A huddle of seniors hunch over their phones and computers, thinking for a moment before laughing and frantically typing out one of their peer’s names.

Each year, the senior SGA chooses the superlatives that each senior will study and select their friends for. It gives seniors a chance to recognize their fellow classmates in either a funny or praising way.

Senior Evan Brinkley thinks that the idea of senior superlatives is to give seniors a chance to recognize one another based on their attributes that everyone in their class remembers them by. Whether it is a positive or negative attribute, Brinkley thinks it is an overall positive experience for seniors.

Senior superlatives are meant to formally recognize students of what they are already known for,” Brinkley said. “It recognizes you for your individual attributes and shows them off to the entire school.”

Senior Grace Olmstead is another fan of senior superlatives. She thinks that they give people who are not normally noticed a chance to be nominated and shown off to the class.

“Senior superlatives are basically to show off seniors with random incentives,” Olmstead said. “The point in having them is to award people for things they’re not usually awarded for.”

Brinkley’s favorite part about the superlatives is the fact that he will get to see some of his friends, and maybe even himself, nominated. He sees it as another perk for seniors to enjoy their final year of high school.

“I think they have been traditionally used in almost every year book, but seeing your own friends get the superlative makes it look original,” Brinkley said. “Everyone likes to see their friends receive awards on what they are known for.”

Some questions are funny, others serious, and some are even awkward, but Olmstead’s favorites are the ones that made her think twice. She didn’t want the superlatives to be a popularity contest, so she enjoyed voting on weird things not just anyone could get.

“I like them because it gives a chance for anyone to be awarded since it is the entire senior class,” Olmstead said. “My favorite thing is the weird awards that make it interesting and my least favorite is the popularity, like some awards are based more off of who is more popular.”

For Olmstead, superlatives give seniors a chance to get closer with one another and recognize their peers better by shining a spotlight on those not usually recognized.

“I think people want to be in the superlatives because it gives you a name for the senior class and if you aren’t known as much you will be known more because of the subject you were awarded for,” Olmstead said. “The senior class likes them so much because there is such a broad selection of questions to put people in and it’s always fun to get together and fill out the form with your friends.”