Senior Walk

A couple weeks before graduation, the seniors take an annual walk down memory lane and show the elementary and middle school students what hard work looks like.

The seniors have different purposes for the walk. Some think it’s about motivating the younger grades to stay in school, but for senior Kiley Van-Ryn, the purpose is to acknowledge her success.

“Our graduating class gets to celebrate our achievements with others, that are proud of us and look up to us,” Van-Ryn said.

For about two hours, the senior class are going to walk around McGee’s Crossroads Middle School, McGee’s Crossroads Elementary School, and Dixon Road Elementary School. Senior Kori Lawrence is excited about going back to the people who helped shape her.

“I look forward to seeing most of the teachers that taught me throughout my whole life and seeing the other kids,” Lawrence said.

The walk is a chance for seniors to see their old teachers, family members or reminisce on memories. Senior Reginald Hicks speaks for those who did not go to one of the schools that they are visiting.

“It sounds like fun, even though I haven’t gone to any of these schools,”  Hicks said. “It is kind of unfair because I am missing out on seeing my former teachers.”

Middle school and elementary school is when some people are starting to grow up into young men and women. For Lawrence, that is what the walk is all about.

“I’ve made it through all the ups and downs of growing up and it will remind me of all the memories I made attending these schools,” Lawrence said.

When the seniors were doing the walk, they had the opportunity to see the young faces of the future graduating classes.

“ It is so exciting to see the kids who will eventually go on to graduate in the coming years,” Van-Ryn said.