Senior Year Expenses

Senior year for most students is an exciting year but for others is can be very stressful and even disappointing. Filled with expenses that some students can’t possibly afford. Fifty percent of students in North Carolina get free lunch, if students can’t even afford their lunch how can they afford the hundreds of dollars senior year brings?

Granted, most of these expenses are optional but no one wants to be the one left out. Caps and gowns, senior trips, senior pictures and graduation announcements are just a few of these expenses. Not to mention if students plan on going to college that’s another 4 years of expenses not including the applications fees that must be paid to even apply to certain colleges.

Some schools offer waivers for students in need for essentials like caps and gowns and some students decide to get part-time jobs just so they can help their parents out with these fees. Even with these jobs it can be hard to afford senior year. Most students are forced to miss out on the high school experience due to things that they can’t control.

Schools and businesses should consider these students that are in need when creating theses opportunities for students.