Should Teachers Adhere to a Dress Code?

With the recent reinforcement of the schools dress code policy, questions have risen on whether or not teachers should abide by these rules also. Sophomore Alexis Jones feels that it is unfair to enforce the dress code among students and not faculty. Jones feels that if teachers were required to follow the dress code, they would be more respected by students.

“They would be more sympathetic and understanding of students trying to abide by the dress code, now that they have to follow the same restrictions,” Jones said.

Junior Grace Olmstead feels that if teachers were required to follow the dress code, it would likely change.

“The dress code would be modified due to the change of clothing in younger generations,” Olmstead said. “Many teachers are younger and like to wear leggings or dresses which aren’t typically 4 inches above the knee.”

Art teacher Elizabeth Colston believes teachers should be held to higher standards.

“We’re professionals, we need to look like professionals,” Colston says. “I think we need to be held accountable, we are role models in a way and it makes sense for us to be called out on things if the students are going to be called out as well.”

There has been controversy on the decency of allowing teachers to dress as they please but not students. Sophomore Jenny Huynh feels that this is not reasonable.

“It is unfair for students to wear clothing that fits guidelines while teachers do not have to participate,” Huynh said. “That shows unfairness between faculty and students.”