Sonic Highways

Most widely recognized as a post-90’s grunge band, The Foo Fighters have released record breaking hits such as “The Pretender” and “My Hero”. Close to ten years after their debut album, the band is still writing music. David Grohl, the frontman of The Foo Fighters, originally played drums for Nirvana. After Nirvana disbanded Grohl carried on his musical career with a new band and new songs. A decade later, much of their music still faintly resembles some Nirvana work. The Foo Fighters have evolved drastically over the past decade, but they haven’t forgotten their roots.

  1. Something From Nothing – Full of scratchy guitar chords that overtake the vocals for the entirety of the song, Something From Nothing isn’t anything special. It’s stereotypical for a Foo Fighters song.
  2. The Feast And the Famine – Chalked full of exaggerated, loud guitar, this track is nothing short of obnoxious. Any decipherable lyrics float between vague and non existent.
  3. Congregation – So far this is the best song out of the 8 track album. Although predictable and perhaps a bit cliche, it’s still good. The memorable chorus, catchy guitar riffs and outstanding drumming make for a good, solid, track.
  4. What Did I Do/God As My Witness – An upbeat sing-along executed in garage-rock fashion, this track is brimming with passionate, melodic lyrics.
  5. Outside – A faster paced song with a more melancholy tone, “Outside” is far more sensitive than it’s predecessors on the album.
  6. In the Clear – Pounding, almost overwhelming guitar makes this song no different than a plethora of previously written Foo Fighters tracks that all sound exactly the same.
  7. Subterranean – Slower paced and more thoughtfully written, “Subterranean” brings a pleasant change to such a guitar heavy collection of songs. Almost reminiscent of a Nirvana song, this track brings out the best in a so far cliche album.
  8. I Am A River – The last and longest song on the track, “I Am A River” accentuates Grohls vocals in a contemplative, musing way. This 7:00 minute ballad is best listened to if you want to hear yourself think.

My verdict? Not impressed. If you’re a big Foo Fighters fan then this album is probably right up your alley, because it sounds exactly like their older music. However, any change The Foo Fighters have experienced in the past decade doesn’t show up on these 8 tracks.