Spring Sports

Spring sports began this week. 

Senior Kyle Brisson has played baseball at school all four years. He is looking forward to his final high school season.

“I played here even before I was in high school,” Brisson said. “In eighth grade I came down to practice with the team.”

When preparing for tryouts, many sports including baseball have workouts, which take place throughout the school year and during the summer. At baseball tryouts they practice hitting, pitching, throwing bullpens and run 60 meters. For many players, it helps them improve their skills.

Brisson said, “They make me throw heaters.”

In order to tryout and stay on the team at school, players need to have good grades. They need to pass three out of their four classes.

Brisson said, “You also need skill.”

Senior Jenna Tomlinson and Sam Livermore have played girls soccer since their freshman year.

Not everyone attends workouts. Tomlinson prepares for tryouts by going to the gym after school to work out on her own. Livermore attends workouts when she can, but she also prepares for tryouts in other ways other than working out.

“Hydration the night before, making sure I’m mentally prepared,” Livermore said.

Tomlinson recalls her first year of tryouts. She has been on varsity all 4 years. At tryouts players run the mile and show off their skills through different soccer drills.

“When I went to tryout for the team my freshman year, I had no idea if I would make varsity or not,” Tomlinson said. “This was also the time I was having knee problems. I ended up making the team with a torn ACL.”

Although Livermore has played on the soccer team since her freshman year she was not able to tryout for the team. However she was able to play for a couple of games as the season was coming to an end and was able to play with varsity in the playoffs which she recalls as a great opportunity.

“I remember being there at the tryouts watching everyone and being jealous,” Livermore said. “I had just torn my ACL so I was recovering from that.”

Tomlinson, Livermore and Brisson do not have time management problems but they do experience other challenges while being a student athlete.

“It is kind of difficult for away games when we got home late and I have homework to do,” Tomlinson said.

Brisson said, “Sometimes I just don’t do homework.”

“The past couple of years has been a challenge because of my knee surgeries. We have really talented players at school, as individuals and as a team,” Livermore said. “This year I feel will really be a test for our team just because we did lose almost half the team.They were mostly seniors last year.”

When Brisson and Tomlinson are not playing a school sport they play for other teams. Tomlinson plays club soccer and Brisson a showcase. Picking between which one to play over the other was easy for Brisson, but Tomlinson finds pros and cons for both.

“I would play showcase. There are better players and more competition,” Brisson said. “It can suck playing at school at times because there’s like three good people to play against.”

“Pros for school soccer is that you get 4 years with some of your best friends,” Tomlinson said. “We have a lot more games to play than club soccer and it is less stressful.”

“Cons for club is that you don’t always have enough people to play. Commitment is also not as good as we get older,” Tomlinson said. “Also for travel games, they are usually further away.”