Stepping Up To the Plate

Hitting home runs and sliding over bases is what these girls do best. The softball season is halfway through, but West’s athletes are just getting started.

“There are two sides of the game– you have hitting and you have fielding. If you aren’t doing well defensively, you can always do good offensively, or vice versa,” said starter for the varsity team Rachel Willis.

The softball team has gone unbeaten in the conference so far, holding a record of 5-0.

“Softball is similar to other sports, but it isn’t exactly the same. We play very well as a team and get along well,” Willis said.

This year, the team has a lot of diversity. Although some seasoned players returned for another season, the team is balancing an influx of fresh new talent.

“I think we’re all pretty close and there isn’t any drama. There are a lot of new people so we’re still getting used to play as a team,” player Nadia Blevins said.

The team recently won a major victory versus Garner High School. It was their first time beating Garner in seven years.

“I think it was probably one of the best games we’ve played this year. Garner has always been a very competitive team,” Willis said.

Softball season began in the wintery months. As the temperatures have begun to warm up, so has the morale of the team.

“The warm weather makes practice easier. It makes everyone in a better mood,” Blevins said.

Laura Jefferson, the team’s head coach, always does her best to lead efficiently and effectively.

“She’s a  very disciplinary coach. You can tell it’s because she really cares,” Blevins said.

Discipline, it seems, is just what Blevins is looking for in a sports team.

“Softball teaches you discipline and helps you make new friends,” Blevins said. “I just love it. I enjoy softball because I grew up playing sports and that was the one I stuck with.”