Stranger Things

Netflix is constantly coming out with new movies and tv series and most of them are surprisingly good to watch. I’ve watched Orange Is The New Black. 13 Reasons Why, Fuller House and my newest obsession is Stranger Things.

Stranger Things is a show about a boy named Will, played by Noah Schnapp, who goes missing and the town believes he’s dead but his mom refuses to believe that continues to try and find answers as to where he is. Throughout the show there was some crazy twists and turns and some crazy surprises. The show never gets boring, there is always a twist that gets you intrigued. I finished the series in four days. The character 11, played by Millie Brown, is by far my favorite character. In the show she is mute and not until later in the show does she slowly began to talk more. Her character is filled with mystery that I love.

Before I started watching the show, I was skeptical to start it’s a different type of show than to what I normally watch. Stranger Things is based off of a government conspiracy theory and I wasn’t really into conspiracy theories before the show. As I started watching I got pulled into the show and couldn’t stop watching it. Season two comes out October 31 and I cannot wait.

If you like mystery and suspense then this is definitely the show for you and I highly recommend watching it.