Students Thoughts and Studying Techniques for AP Exams

As advanced placement classes exams are creeping up on most students, starting on May 7 and ending on May 18, many students including juniors and seniors are doing anything they can to prepare themselves for the AP exams.

Some of these study tools in order to be successful for passing the exam incorporate using online studying techniques that the school has to offer along with Khan Academy, practicing their writing skills, and buying certain books that will help them on the path to making a high grade.

Junior Anthony Ramsey believes that buying a book and doing review activities in class prior to the exam will be his best choice when trying to study.

“I definitely plan on buying one of those ‘5 steps to a 5’ books to help me study for both AP U.S. History and AP Language and Composition class in the next couple of days,” Ramsey said. “What also really helps is that last year Mrs.Drown had study sessions for us and review packets that had a lot of the information that we needed to know for the exam. It really helps you become prepared for what to include in the writing portions and to see how the questions will be set up.”

Senior Julianna Lee explains that every studying technique is different, and hers includes continuous writing practices.

“In AP Literature, Ms.Scott prepares us by providing consistent practice writing and getting us to analyze different types of literature throughout the whole semester,” Lee said.

Although she has strong feelings for passing the exam, she also has a few worries of not being mentally prepared enough with the overall environment.

“I feel like I am prepared for what is on the paper exam but as this is my first A.P. class, it is scary not knowing how everything will turn out that day when I go into the exam room,” Lee said.

Senior Iran Castro is doing a different approach in which  most students usually forget about. Castro is using the online practice tests located in the media center tab on the West Johnston High School website.

In the beginning of the second semester of 2018, media specialists Yvette Davis and Anissa Holm went around to different AP classes during west success to show students an online study tool to prepare for those exams.

“With exams coming up really soon, I decided to use the online preparation tests to touch up on certain units that I have not had a full grasp on,” Castro said. “Using the online test has benefitted me because I can just pull it up on my phone rather than carrying around a heavy book wherever I go or having to keep track of all of my important pieces of paper.”