Summer Classes

As we wrap up our school year Johnston Community College starts their summer courses. On May 16 JCC summer courses started for both college students and high school students in CCP classes.
With the AP exams coming to a close select students taking summer courses through JCC aren’t done with the hard work just yet. Over the course of eight weeks students are required to learn everything that would be in a regular semester long class. Students are expected to be able to keep up with both college classes and the high school classes.
There is a lot of stress associated with starting summer classes at the end of the school year for traditional high schools. There is preparing for exams in high school while beginning new classes with new material taught at a college level.
For me, I had an AP exam the morning classes started as well as dance practice that night for a performance. Then the next day I had another AP exam that afternoon. Now there’s high school classes as well as college classes. In total six classes to work on. With this comes a lot of pressure to keep every grade up and to pass every exam while also having to log in to online college classes every night.
While these classes are a lot of work they are worth the credit. Being able to have some college classes done before leaving high school is an amazing opportunity. If done right there’s a chance of graduating high school with not only a high school diploma but also an Associates Degree.