The Swim Team Made it to Regionals

Qualifying members from the swim team went to the Regional meet about two weeks ago. The meet was held at TAC (Triangle Aquatic Center) with many other teams from the county. Heather Markuson wasn’t surprised that the team made it because she was confident in what her team can do.

Markuson loved getting to know and bond with all of the 31 swimmers on the team this school year. She loved being able to watch the team grow so close with each other throughout the season.

“I’m not surprised we went to regionals,” Markuson said. “I was expecting we would because my team knew what goals needed to be reached in order to be able to make it there and they did.”

Freshman Chloe Harlow loved this season and is looking forward to doing swim again next year.

“It felt great being able to make it to Regionals as a freshman considering I have never done anything involving swim before,” Harlow said.

Harlow competed in a 4 by 200 medley relay and ended up coming in 2nd in her heat and she got 13th place overall.

“Being at the different pool for the meet was intimidating because there were so many more people and it wasn’t a place I was used to,” Harlow said.

But that didn’t stop her from giving it her all.

Junior Chloe Dodd was also eligible able to go to the Regional meet where she competed in a 400 relay.

“I felt very accomplished to make it to Regionals because not everyone makes it and it’s a huge achievement,” Dodd said.

Before every meet Dodd would go out to eat with some of her other swim members and then play music and jam out on the way there which she feels gave her a boost of confidence right before it was time for her to compete.