A Tale As Old As Time

Disney has become a household name not only in America but all around the world. Every child has a spot in their heart for Disney. Many kids grow up watching Disney movies so when the world spread of this new remake of this movie the frenzy could not be contained. I, myself, can understand the excitement for this movie. I grew up watching all the Disney princess movies and Beauty and the Beast was my overall favorite.

With everyone’s hopes raised, Disney had their work cut out for them. The movie definitely lived up to my expectations and certainly did not disappoint. The detail Disney put into this movie is very clear especially on the Beast’s face. The locations in the movie were well thought out and resemble the original movie exceptionally. It’s the little details they added that made the biggest impact. From Belle’s dress to the Beast’s castle Disney played out the movie wonderfully. Throughout the movie I couldn’t help but compare it to the original movie. Even if I had never seen the original Beauty and the Beast I still would have fell absolutely in love with the movie. This new remake made me fall in love with the movie all over again. Families or individuals who have never see this movie or any Disney film would have fell in love with Disney just like the rest of the world.

Another aspect of the movie I enjoyed was the music. Beauty and the Beast’s most famous song “A Tale as Old as Time” was sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend in the movie remake which has been my favorite song since the movie first came out. This song is already a very elegant song but with Ariana and John’s voice it puts a new spin on the song. After I heard the remix I immediately bought it on iTunes.

When I found out Emma Watson was playing the role of Belle that’s when my anticipation rose. Emma Watson is one of my favorite actresses and not only did I think she’d do an amazing portraying belle’s personality, she also looks very similar to Belle. Emma Watson has been known for being a strong individual and that fits Belle perfectly. I didn’t know much about Dan Stevens, who played the Beast, but he did resemble the original Prince Adam.

The intended audience was meant more for individuals who grew up watching the original Beauty and the Beast which most likely are parents or teens. Not only does the movie attract older audiences it also attracts the attention of little girls because it’s a Disney princess movie.

Overall the Beauty and the Beast remake was an amazing movie and everyone I know who watched loved it. If you’re thinking about going to see this movie I definitely recommend it.