Should Teenagers Trick or Treat?

Children of all ages dash across the street to get to the next house. Joking around with their friends, they ring the doorbell. As the door opens, trick or treaters beam with joy. Younger kids are complimented on their outfits and handed candy. Teens are faced with a different treat, “Aren’t you too old to be trick or treating?”

When it comes to Halloween, freshman Allie Gattis loves the spookiness of the holiday and the candy. Gattis believes Halloween is something people from all ages can enjoy.

“Teenagers are kids and adults at the same time,” Gattis said. “We should not be judged for trick or treating or staying home and passing out candy to small people.”

Senior Melina Solano thinks there should be a cap on trick or treater ages about the age students typically graduate high school.

“By then they should be attending Halloween parties that your college or university classmates are holding,” Solano said.

Freshman Alina Wolfe doesn’t like teenagers trick or treating because she finds them annoying and ungrateful.

“Someone toilet papered my house because I didn’t give them candy,” Wolfe.

Solano believes due to the pressure and stress caused by high school, Halloween is a good time to loosen up.

“They might want to remember how it felt like to be a carefree child instead of having to worry over GPA’s and grades,” Solano said.

Solano thinks that older trick or treaters should consider others when they decide to go out.

“I doubt moms would be comfortable taking their kids trick or treating and seeing college students around them,” Solano said.

Gattis still goes trick or treating because it makes her feel like a kid again.

“If something as simple as dressing up and walking around can bring back the joy of being a kid, then we should be able to participate in it,” Gattis said.

Gattis believes that Halloween is more than candy and costumes.

“Halloween is about hanging out with some friends while trick or treating and making memories,” Gattis said. “Making those memories is what matters most.”